Aug 28, 2011

playswith squirrels

blazer- H&M, dress- Macy's, wedges- somewhere in Soho, hat- street vendor in St. Marks

Mr. Mathews? Mr. Squirrels. Eric? Playswith.

Lose one friend. Lose all friends. Lose yourself.

Aug 24, 2011

Best Scheme

I forgot to share this video from Valentines Day! Prom date knows me all too well.... Bruno Mars?!?! I die...haha Thanks to my roomie Courtie for being the greatest schemer. I still remember my birthday surprise all too well. lol I'm going to miss you roomie! Last days in Aggie². Love you both!

And here's prom dates surprise from Courtie and me. 

Aug 15, 2011

To dye or not to dye

My mom bought me this dress at.... JcPenney!  I love it, but i'm actually thinking of dyeing it. I love black dresses, but maybe its good to have a change. =)

I like to balance my outfits out, so I balanced the very girly dress with a denim vest. The vest actually was a shirt originally, just snipped the sleeves! I've been so into vests after purchasing my trench vest, so you;ll probably see many coming soon!

Dress- JcPenney, Denim Vest- Banana Republic, Clogs- Banana Republic, Necklace- Lucky Brand peace sign/street vendor beads

Aug 11, 2011

Trench Vest and Sequins in Vancouver

My mom and I spent the weekend in Vancouver visiting family and friends, and of course to eat! I'm using and abusing this trench vest from Banana Republic. It's perfect to wear on warm days. I didn't purposely do it, but each outfit I wore either a sequins shirt or dress. Coiincidenceeee

Vancouver Food Post

Moby Dick's Fish and Chips. Best homemade tartar sawwwwce.

dessert with shaved ice and your choice of 8 add-ons. Can add tapioca, jellies, etc.

Fresh mango tapioca

shaved ice dessert again, but with mango pudding

Juicy dumplings. The tasty soup will burst in your mouth when you bite into them. sooooo good.

I get this every time I go to Vancouver... Green tea ice cream tapioca

Spicy tuna and salmon sashimi from Sushi Town

Alaskan rolls. Food orgasm!!

Awesome Roll

Tito Manny and Tita Tess' get together =)