Oct 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

I was Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus on Saturday, but today I'm a Hippie/Floral Ninja with Pocahontas Moccasins

I miss the days where I was so carefree and all I was worried about was getting a lot of Halloween candy.. Oh wait... I still do =) I can't wait till tomorrow!! 50% off Halloween candy!!!!!

Oct 30, 2011


Repeated Blouse from last week- Ellen Tracy (Macy's), Military jacket- Thrifted in NYC, Boots- BCBG (Macy's), Shorts- Gap (such a steal for only $1.25 =) )

Nachos con carne asada

Tostada de ceviche (pescado)


I want to see this picture in a Lens Crafters.

If this hat looks so familiar.. it's because I wore it in the last two posts.. I bought a purple and black one from Gap for so cheap! $5 =)

Because I miss the ones in Davis...

Dress- Gap, Blouse- Macy's, Hat- Gap, Shoes- Gap, Purse- Thrifted, Necklace- My favorite street vendor at Embarcadero

Oct 23, 2011

Fat Faced

Blazer- Ellen Tracy, Floral Blouse- Ellen Tracy, Skirt- Target, Heels-Banana Republic, Hat- Gap 
Please excuse the fat face... I got 4 wisdom teeth pulled on Thursday =) 
All I want is a pesto burger from Pearl's right now...

Oct 17, 2011


 This whole outfit minus the shoes was less than $20!! Thank you Gap for your additional 50% sale!
Dress- Gap $10, Blouse- Gap $2.50, Hat- Gap $5.50, and Boots- Michael Kors

Oct 14, 2011


Kamikaze Fries from KoJa Kitchen

I think I love this denim jacket too much.. I need a new one. 

Denim Jacket- Old Navy, Lace Skirt worn as a dress- Urban Outfitter, Heels- Banana Republic, Hat- Macy's, and Necklace- Anthropologie

Oct 10, 2011

Civic Center

Crab meat Phad Thai from Osha Thai....so delicious

Dress- Free People, Denim Jacket- Old Navy, Necklaces- Street Vendor at Fisherman's Wharf, Hat- American Eagle, and Wedges- Banana  Republic