Mar 27, 2011

Last spring break as an undergrad...

The statue was getting frisky

Thizzzz face

My mom and aunt playing fruit ninja..haha

Some of mi familia <3
My cousin, Justin, made cedar plank Salmon. Soooooo delicious and it's easy to make!

I'm probably going to say that a lot starting now, "My an undergrad." It's a tad bitter, but mostly all sweet. I can't wait to graduate and explore what the real world has to offer. I will take ups with the downs.

Mar 23, 2011

17 hours at Las Vegas Airport

Corn Beef Hash from Mon Ami Gabi


Soo Good

Inside the Bellagio

H&M in Cesar's Palace...freakin huge

There were butterflies everywhere

Mom and Dad

Mar 14, 2011

My original dress maker and hair and clothing stylist, Nanay (My Grandma)

Betsey Johnson got nothing on this....
I win for cuteness, but my brother wins for best bowl....and pink shorts.
Haha I wish I wore my brother's outfit..... lovin the collar.

Mar 13, 2011

Finals again...time to procrastinate!


Skirt (worn as a dress)- thrifted vintage, denim jacket- Old Navy, boots- BCBG, bag- vintage, layered skirt (underneath dress)- Target