Mar 1, 2011

A note to Future Nikki


It is so crazy how time flies by.... just 5 years ago I was a wide-eyed freshman in college still in hopes of being a Gastroenterologist. Fast forward to today, I dropped the whole MD dream BUT I actually found something I'm passionately interested in... Public Health. However, to put it mildly... California's public health system is basically shit right now. California is flat broke. Millions and millions of dollars have been cut statewide, but of course they target public health to pull money from first. Cutting critical and extremely helpful services from low income individuals and families who do not have health insurance.

And now what really troubles me was how the House of Representatives basically voted to cut federal funding for Planned Parenthood nationwide. Really?! Millions of women rely on the reproductive services of Planned Parenthood...where are these women supposed to go for reproductive health care now? Who will provide them with Contraceptives, Treatment, and education? Do they want teenage birth control to rise even more? America is already the leading developed nation with THE HIGHEST teen pregnancy rates! I know America likes to be #1 in a lot of things like sports and wealth... but being #1 for that is not something to be proud of. Thanks House of Reps for giving MTV plenty of more seasons of 16 and Pregnant.....

Sorry for being so heated, but when it comes to public health, sexual health, and hummers/crocs/Ed Hardy I get like this.. Btw I loathe hummers/crocs/Ed Hardy. Fun fact: I did an actual report in one of my college classes on how much I love to hate Crocs.

However, I have gone on a tangent. What I really wanted to remind myself.. is no matter what your dreams and goals are... sometimes you have to follow the path you are passionate for and love. There will be ways to tweak it a little so you can be stable financially, but don't be afraid to be Jenny from the block..and not J.Lo. haha I can't believe I actually used that analogy, but I rather do something I love everyday and not make dolla dolla bills yo, then to do something meaningless and unfulfilling. I know I will never make MD status money with a career in public health, but I am set to continue in it. I firmly believe in the mission of prevention, advocacy, and education.

So future Nikki, when you look back at this a year from now or years from now.. stay focused and get your MPH/DrPH/NP or whatever else you want. Don't let pressures of life get the most of you. Till socioeconomic injustice is around and prevalent, you need to make a difference.

We all need a reminder/a little push in the right direction sometime... even if it's acting a bit cray-cray and writing a note to yourself on the internet... haha =)

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