Jun 27, 2011

Yerba Buena

Post-grad life has been a whirlwind! Grad week was awesome and after a few days we went straight to Sydney, Australia. (I still have to post pics from the trip) But... I will spend the next 3 weeks studying for my GRE, so until then.... more studying! 

I got these look-alike Chloe Sevigny  for Opening Ceremony shoes at Gap for only $20! I've wanted bad boys like these for over a year and I finally got them...for cheap! =)
My mom and I walk along Fisherman's Wharf so much we have regular street vendors we love. My fav hat lady who crochets/knits all my berets is located near Ghirardelli and our trip isn't complete if we don't visit her. She knitted this turbanesque type beanie and I love it. I recommend visiting her! She takes request to so if you tell her what you want she will knit/crochet it for you.

Jacket- Alexander Wang for Gap, Shoes- Gap, Dress- Thrifted Vintage, Beret- Macy's

Jun 23, 2011

Class of 2011 (...but I'll always be 2010)

My family =)

My aunt and uncle from Vancouver, I'm so grateful they came.

My aunt and my uncle and twin from Virginia. So happy they came too... love them =)

My Mom and Aunts (Missing Ate Cheryll)

Mi mama <3
My bombin friends!! Thank you all for coming. You made my grad day that much more special.

Not such a flattering picture, but it's a real candid moment. I don't even remember why we were laughing.

My roomie!!! I love you! Thank you so much for everything.

Aika, the best grad photographer =)

Jun 22, 2011

Graduation and Australia

I haven't updated and forevz, but I will very soon. I'm finally a Microbiologist and I just got back from my trip to Sydney, Australia. Now I just need a job and to study for GRE's coming in July
So for now I will leave some photos till I update for real. =)