Oct 9, 2011

Tales of the Windy City

My Chicago trip was amazing! I was surrounded with my best mates so that was a given, but also having the opportunity to be among the incredible architecture and pizza put it over the top. I visited Bernie, one of my Legal 18 ( we've been best friends for 18 years), and I missed her so much. I miss both of my Legal 18, they're the friends whom you may not see often, but however long you're apart you know they are your home base. Nothing changes when you get back together... it's like time stood still when you last saw them and you continue right where you left off. <3 As for the rest of my sexy friends, I would go on a trip to anywhere and everywhere with them! There's never a dull moment when I'm with them and they do my hair and make-up better than anyone has ever done it. <3 So to Alden, Fiona, John, Rod, and Bernie...thank you so much for an amazing trip and where are we going next!? =)

As much as I love San Francisco, Chicago is way more aesthetically pleasing. Wherever you venture off to there will be an awesome building for you to marvel at. One of my favorite times was just walking along the river and watching the sun reflect on the water and on the building... amazing! So if you haven't been there yet, it's a must!!! =)