Apr 7, 2011


I remember spending hours watching my brother play Metal Gear Solid and finally I got to play it... haha. Ahhh, just reminds me when I was young.... a time when what I was going to eat or the next time  I could play again were my only concerns. haha Oh college, Oh real life...

Who knew you could watch a whole game being played on youtube! Amazingnesssss =) I loved this game because when you played it, you were lost in another world. I get the same feeling when I read a really good book or watch a great movie. Well, I also love this game because they named the remote control missile after me (Nikita missile).. just kidding. Also, when they talk about Foxdie they go in detail about immunology, including macrophages and TNF-Epsilon! The microbiology nerd in me got a little too excited. I still remember almost every scene... it's a must to play MGS again this summer... AFTER GRE's. lol