Jan 4, 2013

Charlotte Salisbury

I'm fulfilling my fantasy of being part of the Spice Girls by buying these shoes. They're supa dupes comfy and I love how I tower over everyone on the street. 
Leather jacket- Banana Republic, Faux leather skirt- Urban Outfitters, platforms- Urban Outfitters, blouse- Gap

I've been wearing and investing in a lot of leather/faux leather/vegan leather goods lately... I should stop soon because I have 3 leather jackets that are a size too small and waiting for me to fit in them. haha

My fav new beanie! I am lucky to have found this cute little asian lady by the cable cars near Ghirardelli who makes hats for me. She is fantastic, especially since she makes hats to fit my abnormally large head. 

I needed a title for this post so I went to those random sites that generate a name for you... in this case it was a Spice Girls name. I wasn't thrilled with the choices so I opted for a very British name generator. Ello! My name is Charlotte Salisbury =)