Oct 31, 2010

What makes YOU happy?

Remember how I said I was in a funky funk? When I'm in this state of mind it always makes me contemplate everything to the point of over analyzing.

To give some background on me, I'm usually the type of person who is self-less for the most part and I try to make other people happy before myself. I find happiness in other people's happiness basically. Especially if they are happy about something I did for them or if they are happy with the way I'm acting... It gives me a sense of accomplishment and I feed off that. However, I've noticed that this happiness is short lived.  I keep entering this state of funk where the happiness fades and I'm no longer happy. So I try harder and make everyone around me happy, and it's a constant cycle of making OTHER people happy.

I'm trying really hard to do what makes me happy. To make decisions and choices that will benefit me, but not in the selfish way of getting ahead in life. In the way where I can look back and say that this was a great day because for a change I'm doing what I truly want. 

I have to let certain things and people go, to really come in to terms with this concept. Some people aren't meant to be in your life forever, they may be there for a short while but they still have this long lasting effect. I've realized if you do what you want and what you think is right then their presence is a learning experience, it doesn't have to be the end of the world. 

But on a more serious note... to lighten up this post a little, here is some food porn (which Btdubz makes me VERY happy): 

Roasted Lamb from Stepho's in Vancouver
Spicy Salmon Sashimi from a sushi place in Vancouver
I forgot the next one but you dip things in this melted cheese...It's from a Mexican place on Houston in SOHO/NOHO
Sukiyaki at Posh in Vancouver
Carne Asada Poutine in Vancouver
Candian Bacon Poutine in Vancouver
Seafood Orgasmica in a place I forgot the name of in Seattle
Best lobster I've ever had in Queens, NY. It's coated in this ginger scallions sauce.
It is a tradition to go to St. Marks(NYC) and got pommes frites! it was a battle of the sauces.. L to R: Roasted Eggplant, onions/ ketchup/mayo, blue cheese, and magno chutney
$0.99 sushi!! Hella cheap till you find out it's per piece. haha
Hope I didn't get you guys too hungry. =)
I have a lot more food porn pictures, but I shall save them for another day.