Dec 16, 2010

Barcelons cont.

On my way to the Picasso Museum..only thing I remember about Picasso: he knows how to draw prostitutes and vaginas well
at Parc Güell
Gaudi's House

Casa Batlló
No I wasn't that heavy that I bent the pole... haha

No idea what I'm looking at.. but I'm concentrating pretty hard
at Parc Güell, near Gaudi's house

My eyes are so small.... miracle.
Not my cup of tea...pigeons flying all around you
Many people trying to steal my things here.. we were at the end of La Rambla near la playa
Resting after a days worth of walking...surrounded by food. <3
First night in Barcelona...the bread was soooo good and it was only 0.45 euro
Outside the Santa Maria del Mar. too bad it was closed
In Parc Güell...many "prospects" as my mom calls them...or pickpocketers as I and everyone else does

My favorite piece of artwork I witnessed on the trip
Sagrada Familia. I can look at the nativity scene for days