Dec 2, 2010

Get with it America

Fun Facts from my Cross-cultural studies of children class:

  • U.S. teenagers are much more likely to become pregnant
    unintentionally than teenagers in other developed countries.
    They are also more likely to want to become mothers.
  • U.S. teenagers are less likely to use a contraceptive
    method than teenagers in other developed countries.
  • United States has significantly higher teen
    pregnancy rate of any Western
    industrialized country, with over one million
    teen pregnancies per year.

Positive attitudes about sexuality and clear expectations for
behavior in sexual relationships contribute to responsible
teenage behavior
  •  Comprehensive sexuality education, not abstinence
    promotion (yeah Bush...), is emphasized in countries with lower
    teenage pregnancy levels.
  •  Media is used less in the United States than elsewhere
    to promote positive sexual behavior.
  • Government media campaigns in the other countries promote
    condom use, contraceptive use and awareness of where to get
  • Media campaigns in other countries offer more positive views
    of sexually active teenagers as worthwhile, responsible