Nov 25, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

I was the only one overly excited that it snowed
still too happy...

It was freakin coolldd...

My fav picture..whattheshit am i doing
 I went to Vancouver, BC last weekend. My family and I went because it was my cousin Jill's 18th birthday. In Filipino culture it's a big thannng turning 18...and since Filipinos love food, parties, singing, and dancing... what other way to combine it by having a debut/cotillion? So after the party we walked outside and it started to snow! Freakin a, I was so excited! I literally froze having my photosesh outside the party hall. I didn't mind people staring at me while I looked like a weirdo as it snowed hard on me... Jeals I say...
Though I love the snow and all, I am super glad it doesn't snow in the Bay Area. I don't mind traveling for snow, I just wouldn't want to travel and deal with it everyday during the winter.
My Canadian cousins <3

Ohmyshit. Toro sashimi and other gasm Sashimi

Spicy Tuna and Salmon Sashimi. Heaven.