Nov 15, 2010's Summer in SF

Ooo Na Na..Whats?...Damn that Riri song is stuck in my head
I need to work on my 'not looking gross when I take photos' pose
I almost fell in the water
My new glasses 8)  Only one lens actually has a prescription.. fun fact
I never really wore polka-dots before.. but since it was black I thought it wouldn't be that bad
Dress- $11 Macys, Wedges- $35 Bloomies, Necklace(Lucky Brand)- $12, Bag(Nine West)- $15
So... It's November and the weather is cray-cray. I should be wearing scarves and tights not short dresses and bare legs. I got back from cold cold Vegas to this warm Bay weather. So odd. My mom and I go to church on Sundays at St. Patricks Cathedral in front of Yerba Buena. So we decided to have a photosesh in front of the Jewish Museum, which is right next to the Catholic church.... ? I shall update soon with Vegz pics and what happened =) Stay tuned, yo!