Jan 4, 2011

2010.. A year of traveling

I am eternally grateful to my mom because she's the best mom ever, but also because of her I get to travel. She works for United so we try to take advantage of it as much as possible.
I was looking back at my pictures and I was like, "Omyshit... I went to soo many places this year."

Here is the list:
- Vancouver, BC (3 times)
- New York, NY (3 times)
- Seoul, South Korea
- Manila, Philippines
- Las Vegas, Nevada
- Miami, Florida
- Orlando, Florida
- Frankfurt, Germany
- Barcelona, Spain

Torch at the Vancouver Winter Olympic games

Outside the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan

Waiting for the train on our way to St. Marks

Times Square. Love this place...feels so alive ALL the time.

Happiest Place on Earth. and home to my fav... the safari ride!
Hotel in Miami
way too humid for my taste

South Beach
Wynn buffet in Las Vegas, NV. best white chocolate covered rice crispy treats

that other club in Wynn thats not XS...haha

Batangas, Philippines

Canyon Cove