Jan 26, 2011

Halfway to 46!!

Mary's Red Velv Cupcakes. THE BEST RED VELV's I've had =)
Fiona had to buy the Oreo Ice Cream pie instead since they stopped making the Raspberry. Sad day indeed.
Best Thing Ever: Raspberry Ice-Cream Pie (RIP)
The only picture Jobelle, Edgar, and I had on our epically fun 20th birthday...and you only see Joho's hair. haha And they denied me a birthday drink! Rude! haha
The infamous banner that is still up in Edgar's apartment. haha
On my 19th Birthday... Creeper in the background! haha Ultra Photobomb status
On my 20th Birthday we went to Osha, and I love Ghost face killah on the left corner (formally known as Antface Killah!)
Earthquake Sundae from Ghirardelli
Here are some of my favorite pictures from my birthdays since I've been at Davis. I'm turning 23, and though that does seem so old I'm ready for this age and this new year. Bring it on 23!

However, I am still sad they discontinued the Raspberry Ice-cream Pie. Soooooo Good.